Is Freedom of Speech Really Free?

But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. – Matthew 12:36 (KJV)

Even though freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, is it really free? The Word of God begs to differ. According to the Bible, we will have to give an account for every idle word that we have allowed to roll off of our tongues. Many promote the separation of church and state, but this could pose a major problem in one’s life if you exercise your right noted in the First Amendment without applying God’s Word to it.

As many of us have probably experienced first hand, words are very costly. We have been hurt and caused hurt by words spoken in a flippant manner. Negative words spoken have been known to leave serious scars. Studies have shown that it takes 5 positive words to offset 1 negative word. As a result of that study, we can see that every word comes with a high price tag.

Although our speech is protected by an inalienable right, is it really beneficial to speak however we please? By the grace of God, we were all created with a built in filtration system in our brains. You see, God does not want to merely restrict our words but to restrain us from doing damage with our words. As a method to assist us, we have the ability to analyze a word and put a value on it long before it rolls off of our tongues. Hopefully we will choose the words that have a positive return for our money, so to speak, especially since we will stand before our Maker and give an account of every idle word spoken.


Lord, I thank You for my right of freedom of speech. Help me to make it a practice to put a value on every word before I allow it to exit my mouth. I commit to using this freedom as a privilege, but only within the perimeters set forth in Your Word.

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