Waiting Room

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. – Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

One of my biggest pet peeves about going to an appointment, whether it be the doctor’s office, the auto repair shop or a business appointment, is the time I spend in the waiting room. There are strict rules about being on time but few rules on how long they are allowed to make you wait. Like me, do you get a bit anxious when much time has passed, so much so that you feel that you have been forgotten or overlooked?

Spending time in the waiting room of life can pose similar frustrations. Are you in the midst of a season of waiting on the Lord? Maybe God has given you a sneak preview of something He is going to do in your life. The clock is ticking but your name is still yet to be called to walk through the door and take hold of the promise.

Take heart…God has not forgotten about you. Most times God is using the waiting period to either prepare your character for the calling or prepare the calling to fit your character. Today, would you surrender and submit to God’s process and time table? Unlike any other waiting room experience, the time spent in God’s waiting room is never wasted.


Lord, I thank You for the time I spend waiting on You…it is a purposeful period where I am perfected to fit the calling and the calling is perfected to fit me.

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