God’s in the Recycling Business

Hide your face from my sins, and wipe out all that I have done wrong. – Psalm 51:9 (GW)

Are you onboard with the going green hype these days? It is said that recycling is the way to go if we want to preserve our planet. Although, the simple act of putting a piece of paper in the recycle bin is only the first step in a lengthy process. It takes nine additional steps in order to get the paper ready for reuse. The old tainted ink has to be stripped from the surface and the fibers have to be broken down in order for it to be built back up to be used again.

In life you will have to go through a similar process if you are going to be material that can be used by God. Thank goodness that God is in the recycling business. Others may have put you out for the trash, saying that you are not even fit to be considered recycle material. God, on the other hand, sees what others consider trash and with His infinite capabilities is able to see the treasure that will emerge after you undergo the recycling process.

God could choose to create a new being to carry out His work but instead He wants to use you. You are never too far gone to be used by God. He will accept you in your rawest messed up state. He is in the recycling business because He delights in turning what others consider trash into treasure. Will you allow Him to meet you right where you are today and allow Him to process you in order to develop the treasure within that is just waiting to be exposed?


Lord, even though others may have labeled me as too far gone, I thank you that You see the beautiful treasure that I am in the process of becoming.

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