The Voice

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.– John 10:27 (NIV)

Are you familiar with “The Voice”? It’s the new reality talent show. They rummage through all the raw talent of unknown artists. They are on a quest to find the voice that stands out above the rest. The panel of judges pride themselves with having the ear to be able to detect that unique one of a kind voice.

What is the best voice that you have ever heard? Is there a particular voice that captivates your attention no matter how much back ground noise is present? Do you pride yourself on being able to decipher that one voice above all the rest? Typically when we hear that voice that resonates within our spirit, we tend to want to hear it over and over again. Even if our favorite radio station played it over and over again everyday that would still not be enough.

Have you ever considered that God wants to hold “The Voice” title? He wants to be that voice that is so captivating and resonates within your spirit to the point that you actually get chill bumps when you hear it. He wants to be that voice that stops you in your tracks regardless of the intensity of the background noise. He wants that attraction to be so strong that even if you heard it over and over again everyday that would still not be enough.


Lord, give me a passion to desire to hear your voice all day everyday above any and all background noise. You deserve to hold “The Voice” title.

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