Making Crooked Paths Straight

“A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’” – Mark 1:3

Do you seek God’s will about the path you should take in life or do you prefer to create your own path? Unfortunately, at times our wayward thinking cons us into thinking that we know the best route to take. This thought process typically stems from a desire for instant gratification. We want what we want, right now.

A temporary warm fuzzy feeling is all that this route is capable of producing. The truth of the matter is that the path that we create apart from God only has the capability of taking us in a circular motion. Inevitably, we are led back to the same point over and over again with the sole option of performing a “do over”.

If Jesus, God in the flesh, needed His way prepared, what do you think that says for you and me? God has a perfect path picked out for us to travel down. Before we ever embark on the journey, He actually tills the soil so that lasting progress can be made. He is in the business of making crooked paths straight.


Lord, I thank You for setting the example that even Jesus’ path required preparation in order to make the way straight. Create within me a desire to only journey down the paths that you have straightened out in advance.

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