Poverty Mentality?

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

Do you have a poverty mentality? A good indicator is reflective of how you respond to the following question. Do you think that someone is holding you bound to your current situation? If your response is yes, in a sense, that person has become your savior because you look to their provision as your source of deliverance. In this case, your mentality has created an invisible ceiling that forbids you from rising above.

It is important to remember that all things have to sift through God’s hands before it can touch our lives. If God has allowed it, He has a divine purpose that it will fulfill. It is of equal importance to view your season of limited resources as just that; there is a danger in viewing it any other way. If we don’t view it as a season, we start responding in a manner that results in it becoming a lifestyle. When we fail to view it as a season, we tend to think and react with a feast or famine mentality. In this way, we don’t make wise premeditated choices with our finances because we don’t foresee our situation ever changing. Because of this mindset and subsequent poor choices, it becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy.

In order to overcome this mentality you must acknowledge that God is your ultimate source. We must also allow Him the freedom to change our situation on His timetable. Even though God could instantaneously open the flood gates of heaven and rain down abundant financial provision, He typically does not respond in that manner. He desires our interaction. Struggles tend to showcase our need for Him and draw us closer. It’s in the daily decisions to seek God’s wisdom to use each dollar in a God honoring way that we will rise above our current situation. When we seek God’s guidance, no matter the level of our income, there is always enough to tithe, spend and save.


Lord, help me to have a healthy mindset in regards to the way I view and handle money. I choose to place my trust in Your sovereignty. You are the source who meets all my needs on Your timetable.

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