Easily Offended?

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. – Psalm 119:165 (KJV)

imagesCA2FZ9BTDo you find yourself easily offended? Perhaps you see it as justified anger because someone said or did something to hurt you. After all, if you do not express your emotions toward the offender then you could potentially be viewed as a doormat, right? If you let this offense go, would it make you desensitized to addressing future offenses?

Nevertheless, at the moment the offense is taken a transaction of ownership occurs within. Similar to a new born baby, the offense longs to be nursed shortly after being born. Thereafter, the offense craves to be nursed again and again until it virtually becomes a nonstop activity. As pressing things go unattended as the mom makes her newborn the main focal point of her attention, the same is so with the offense.

Don’t be mistaken, it is not that you are called to ignore or suppress the offense. Instead, you should acknowledge to the Lord that the offense was painful and at the same time surrender that pain to Him. It is important to not allow the offense to have power over your thoughts or actions. Victory is won when the offense is stripped of its power and nailed to the cross to never be picked up again.


Lord, I thank You for the amazing examples You set as You never internalized an offense but allowed it to be striped of its power as You were nailed to the cross. I thank You for taking it a step further by asking our Heavenly Father to forgive Your offenders. Help me to follow suit.

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