The Inside Scoop

imagesJR61PI1PBe alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

God took away the power of the leaders of this world and the powers of darkness. He showed them to the world. The battle was won over them through Christ. – Col. 2:15 (NLV)

Have you ever held or witnessed someone holding a snake at a petting zoo? Their willingness to hold a reptile that typically breeds extreme fear at its mere sighting indicates that the person must be aware of insider information. Even though the snake may look, feel and sound like something to be feared, they are aware that the snake is void of poison, thus has no ability to destroy. Knowing of its inability to destroy alters the person’s perception and subsequent response.

All too often we allow the enemy to cause us to shrink back in fear instead of pressing on in faith. Unfortunately, he calls our bluff many times. At the sound of his roar, we immediately think of defeat. The louder he roars, the more we tend to retreat in fear. We allow the sights and sounds to dictate our response.

Despite the fact that the enemy roams around looking for someone to devour, the Word assures us that we have absolutely nothing to fear. The reality of the matter is that we have been given a sneak preview of how the battle ends…he has been stripped of his poison to destroy us. The foreknowledge of what to expect should invoke a sense of peace and confidence. Press in and press on toward that which you have been called.


Lord, thank You for Your Word that assures me that I can walk forth in boldness and confidence in the face of opposition since Your work on the cross has stripped the enemy of all power to conquer and destroy.

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