Sever the Tie

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” – Luke 9:62 (NIV)

imagesMCGU87J5How do you feel about change? Are you hesitant to let go of the past in fear of the unknown that awaits your future? Perhaps God has given you a snapshot of the end result of your upcoming journey. It may even look very promising but there is one problem; you fear the process that you could potentially have to undergo in order to get there.

Perhaps the struggles you faced the last time you journeyed through a different season is all too fresh on your mind. The seas were more than likely very choppy as you stepped out in faith. Even though you are well aware that the enemy, who wages war to derail us, has already been defeat by the blood of Jesus, it still doesn’t help the fact that you are fearful of the unknown.

As God is calling us to move forward, no matter how chaotic things may appear, it is very important that we continue to press in and press on. It is time to sever the link that you have strategically kept intact to use as a safeguard in case God’s plan fails. Furthermore, it is time to take God at His Word. If He is bringing you to it, He will certainly bring you through it. God never calls us to play it safe; He simply calls us to walk in obedience by faith.


Lord, I realize that the tie to my past that I am attempting to maintain as a safeguard, despite the fact that I heard You loud and clear to move ahead, is an act of doubt and disobedience. Please help me to let go so that I don’t serve as an obstacle that delays Your progress.

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