Emotional Indebtedness…Only Jesus Can Afford the High Price

Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, Your inheritance in the land will be doubled and your joy go on forever. – Isaiah 61:7 (The Message)

images5BD4S2SVDo you consistently feel as though you are the victim in disagreements? It may seem as though others have read your mail, so to speak, and they know exactly what buttons to push in order to set you off. As you lash out at that person, you may even feel justified because, after all, he or she hurt your feelings. Perhaps you have become so guarded that you strike out at even the remotest sign of conflict.

If you consistently feel like the victim, it may be time to take this issue and lay it bare before the Lord. Allow Him to peel back some layers to detect any underlying issues. Is what you are feeling in proportion to the encounter that you just experienced? Better yet, do you see a residue of painful memories from your past that is causing you to be hypersensitive? Perhaps you are simply trying to hold things together and as others disagree with you, you process it as rejection of your personhood, instead of mere displeasure with your actions.

If this is the case, rest assured, Jesus’ healing balm is more than sufficient to heal every open lesion. As you surrender it to Him, it frees you up from attempting to make everyone pay for the wrong that has been done to you in your past. Hence, the wounds are too deep and wide to be completely healed and restored by another human being. The debt can only be satisfied through Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross. As you allow the Lord to pay the debt, He will not only completely heal you but give you double blessings for the trouble you endured.


Lord, help me to allow Your healing balm to go down to the depths of every emotional wound in order to heal me from the inside out. Thank You for giving me a glimpse of the blessings that are coming my way that helps me to understand the magnitude of the battle I am fighting.

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