God’s Royal Family

On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. -Revelations 19:16 (NIV)

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. -Romans 8:16 (NIV)

Good afternoon royal family, I said in my heart, as I greeted the family at the shoe fitting station. Their socks and shoes were gently removed and the foot washing began. They were not only showered with fragrant soap but with the love of Christ as well. I requested their shoe sizes and asked for a description of the shoe that would be fitting for their heart’s desire. As I went to the shoe distribution station, I translated their description as precisely as possible. As the shoes were handed to me, I inspected them to make sure that they fit the specifications. A couple did not quite measure up, so I asked the clerk to search his stock once again. I really admired the clerk’s spirit because he didn’t seem to mind making a special concession for our royal guests. As I carried the shoes into the fitting area, I hid them behind my back as I approached the royal family. Once they were in full view, it was more than my heart could bear as I witnessed the surprised look on their faces. The glisten in their eyes and the smiles on their faces jogged my memory back to the time when I was a child on Christmas morning. It was the royal prince’s expression that I will truly always remember. He exclaimed, do I get to keep them? I have never felt so overjoyed to respond, yes, the shoes are yours to keep!

You see, the reality of the matter is that I served as a volunteer at a homeless shelter where “underprivileged” families sat before loving volunteers who washed their feet and fitted them with a new pair of socks and tennis shoes while showering them with the love of Christ. I was awarded the privilege of inquiring their shoe size and retrieving the shoes that were just right for them. God so graciously allowed me the opportunity to view them not as the world views them, but through the perspective of His eyes as their Father and King. In God’s Kingdom, there is no such thing as a “homeless” person. It’s only a matter of perspective on this earth. We all reside under His Heavenly roof. As God has allowed me to endure hardships recently, I have come to realize that any one of us at any time could find ourselves in a similar situation. Their financial situation is not always a direct representation of poor money management on their part. We simply never know what challenges in life has led them to this point.

This precious family and all others that came through the line at the shoe distribution event are the apple of God’s eyes. They are the sons and daughters of the King. They should be treated no less than royalty. My challenge to the world, as well as to myself, is to ask God to give us His perspective the next time we encounter one of these, His precious sons and daughters. As we clean out our closets, with a mindset of giving to the “underprivileged”, may we remember that they are members of God’s royal family. What would the Lord want us to give to His princes and princesses?


Lord, give us Your vision to treat those that the world views as “homeless” and “underprivileged” with the utmost dignity, respect and love since they are part of Your royal family.


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  1. Jewell Coleman says:

    Amen! Dignity and Respect is One of Our Core Values! To see through the eyes of God. To Feel through the Heart of God! To give through the Hands of God!
    Love Ya!

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