First Place

But first be concerned about God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things will be provided for you as well. – Matthew 6:33 (ISV)

1st placeDid you have time to spend with the Lord this morning…time where He had your undivided attention? Perhaps you had so much on your schedule that you just couldn’t find time to squeeze Him in. No matter how much you’ve tried to compress the time allocated for other tasks, He simply wouldn’t fit.

As you declare that you are too busy to carve out one on one time to pray before embarking on your day, may I suggest that you are too busy not to pray. It is essentially a sign of arrogance to think that we can handle what is in store for our day without first seeking God’s assistance and His protective covering.

As we take time out of our morning to spend with God, we are actually making deposits into our time bank. He will download to us creative ways to streamline our task. He will give us strategic alliances so that doors will open that had previously been shut. If that were not enough, He will give us peace beyond human comprehension to help us to not only endure our day but to empower us to handle every encounter with excitement and joy.


Lord, thank You for reminding me that I am nothing without You and that I can do nothing of true value without You. Today, I’m making a commitment to safeguard my daily standing appointment with You.

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