Healthy Boundaries

healthy boundariesWhatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, – Colossians 3:23 (ESV)

Do you feel overextended with the amount of tasks that are on your “to do” list? Perhaps you have a smile on your face but are silently serving out of a place of frustration in your heart. At this point you may be merely going through the motions whereas, life seems to be doing you, so to speak, instead of you doing life with great intention.

You may find yourself struggling to stay afloat amidst your busy schedule and crying out to God to bless you with more time. Nevertheless, it is actually a blessing from God that a day is confined within 24 hours. The rising and the setting of the sun are actually healthy parameters that God has placed around every single day so that we have a clear and concise closure to one day in order that we may begin the next day with a clean slate and a fresh start.

If you are struggling with a hectic schedule and the demands appear to be greater than your allotted time, it may be time to follow God’s lead and establish firm healthy boundaries. As we know, God’s ways are always faultless and well calculated thus, 24 hours are exactly what you need. If the Lord were to return and ask you to give an account for the activities on your schedule, would He find you adhering to His plans or man’s plans? What is encroaching upon your boundary lines and what measures are you going to take to safeguard the precious hours that God has entrusted to your care?


Lord, thank You for being intentional when you created a 24 hour day. Help me to put protective barriers around the time that you have entrusted to my care.

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