How Much is Enough?

Give us today our daily bread. — Matthew 6:11­­­­ (NIV)

daily breadHave you ever prayed the prayer widely known as the “Lord’s Prayer”? It is a prayer that Jesus prayed about His all-encompassing relationship with His heavenly Father and humanity. It is the model prayer and when it is truly heartfelt, it helps us to align our lives with the Father’s will for our existence. Sadly, many times, we find ourselves reciting this prayer without taking time to dissect it and meditate on each verse.

As we recite this prayer, we say “give us today our daily bread” but do we really mean that? Are we truly content with sustenance for today? In the society in which we live, many of us have things stored up on reserve, whether it is money, food, clothes and toys, some of which we will never use.

Nevertheless, sadly enough, if we go through a season whereas we have just what we need to get us through the day, we tend to feel that we have lost God’s favor or that we’re being restricted in some way. Take heart, having just what we need for today has a divine purpose. It helps us to fix our eyes on Jesus and place our total dependence on Him. It creates an opportunity for Him to show up and show out. He is sure to never disappoint.


Lord, as I have exactly what I need for today, I thank You! Having just enough for today is strengthening my faith in You. I now see that things never have nor never will have the ability to sustain me.

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