Count the Cost

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. — Psalm 119:165­­­­ (KJV)

 forgivenessHave you ever been hurt by someone? If you’ve lived long enough, I’m sure your answer to this question is “Yes”. Furthermore, at one time or another, you’ve probably been hurt either physically or emotionally. More than likely, the sting of the actual offense lasted a millisecond but tape that is stuck in the replay mode in your head is causing far more pain than the incident itself.

How often are you revisiting that incident and experiencing the pain all over again?” Odds are, you have your guard up and have declared that you’d never allow that person to get close enough to hurt you again but the truth of the matter is that every time you ruminate on the offense, it’s like giving that person a back door entry to come in and hurt you over and over again.

For some, the incident itself did not cause physical damage but yet, reliving the incident has caused so much mental anguish to the point that it is now affecting your physical being as well. Nevertheless, it is crucial that we refrain from taking this passive approach, and declare war on the memory, not for their benefit but for ours. We must come face to face with the incident and count the cost and the toll that it taking on our bodies and declare, “No More”!


Lord, as I read Your Word, I believe that it is putting healing balm on my wounds from days gone by. Thanks for reminding me that the cost of reliving this incident is far too expensive and taxing on the overall wellness of my being thus, I surrender it to You.

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