Simplicity over Complexity

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. — Psalm 55:22­­­­ (NIV)

 simplicityAre you feeling anxious or burdened by the cares in your life? If we’re not mindful, our cares will eventually high-jack our 5 senses. The more we focus on the burdens in our lives, the more it seems to drains the color, brilliance and life out of God’s craftsmanship all around us. As our cares are inflated, it also deflates our perspective on God’s ability to make all things work out for good.

Many times we think that the solution to our problems lie within our need for more money or stuff, when in fact, many times more money simply compounds our burdens if we use the money to acquire more stuff. If we’re not careful, the stuff will create an insulated layer around us that doesn’t allow the Son to shine through. Essentially, the stuff serves as a ball and chain around our ankles that keeps us under house arrest.

Perhaps it is time to reconnect with Your mighty creator and surrender at the foot of the cross everything that you hold dear. His yoke is like velvet chains that are soft but at the same time, keep us gently hemmed in and free from self-destructive patterns. Take heart, if you have prayed for God to rescue you from the oppression and burdens in your life, His answer may come in the form of removing things from your life that has kept you weighed down for far too long.


Lord, I place before You everything that I hold dear to my heart. I invite You to sift through and purge the things that are not meant to continue with me on my journey in this life. I trust that if something must exit my life, it’s only because you want to lighten my load so that I can experience the joys of a simplistic life that is yielded solely to You!

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