Co-dependent or God-dependent?

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety. – Proverbs 29:25 (NLT)

dependence on GodAre you prone to co-dependent tendencies or would you say that you march to the beat of an audience of One? Most people won’t readily admit to being co-dependent. Many times a co-dependent person does not even recognize it because they’re so focused on skirting around other people to keep them appeased, to the point that they lose sight of their own hopes, dreams and desires. In the midst, many even lose sight of God’s calling on their lives.

A co-dependent’s stance is similar to one who juggles fine china. They must constantly and consistently keep everything in motion at all cost, even at the cost of their own personal joy and convictions. This performance-based show causes the person to constantly live on edge and in fear of doing anything that would negate another’s approval or provision.

If trying to appease others has put a wedge in your personal relationship with God, it may be time to surrender the relationships at the foot of the cross. If God’s instruction leads you to allow the plates to come crashing down, so to speak, refrain from frantically trying to salvage and mend the pieces. There are some relationships and/or mindsets that are not allowed to accompany you to the next phase of your destiny.


Lord, I’m not sure at what point I’ve allowed my desire to please others trump my trust in your approval or provision. I surrender my relationships to You in order to test my motives and restore me to a place where I march to the beat of an audience of One.

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