Is Your Life a Success Story?

When David’s time to die approached, he charged his son Solomon, saying, “I’m about to go the way of all the earth, but you—be strong; show what you’re made of! Do what God tells you. Walk in the paths he shows you: Follow the life-map absolutely, keep an eye out for the signposts, his course for life set out in the revelation to Moses; then you’ll get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go. Then God will confirm what he promised me when he said, ‘If your sons watch their step, staying true to me heart and soul, you’ll always have a successor on Israel’s throne.’ – 1 Kings 2:1-4 (MSG)

Is your life a success story? Perhaps you are discouraged and depressed because you don’t feel that you are as far along as you had hoped. You may have created a list of milestones that you wanted to reach by a specific age, only to find that you’ve accomplished very few. Perhaps life circumstances have caused the set back.

As you are analyzing your life accomplishments, it is important to refrain from comparing yourself to others. Although on the exterior they may appear to be a success, you have no idea what they had to go through to get to that point. Also, it may just very well be their season to flourish. Even still, your day will certainly come if you don’t give up.

Nevertheless, success has less to do with reaching certain milestones as much as it has to do with the journey itself. Success is putting one foot in front of the other in the right direction each and every day. Success is the compilation of those days as you press forward, despite the struggle. Success is not perfection but unwavering devotion to that which you have been tailor-made to accomplish during your journey on this earth.


Lord, thanks for reminding me that at this exact moment, my life is a success story! I’m grateful that it’s not solely about reaching a pinnacle point but more about my day in and day out journey as I pay heed to Your instruction and carry out my purpose for existence.

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