Too Busy Not to Pray

…The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. — James 5:16 (AMPC)

Are you too busy to take time to sit before God to pray before embarking on your day? Perhaps your “To Do” list is longer than the available hours. Furthermore, taking time out of your already overcrowded schedule would just delay you that much more and compound the stress. Hence, God knows your need. After all, you expressed it as you exclaimed, Lord, help me! when you ran out the door.

Nevertheless, if you end each day feeling overwhelmed, beat down, discouraged and defeated, it is a good sign that you are too busy not to pray. When we don’t take time to put our agenda before God in the morning and allow Him to strategically shift and remove things that won’t bear fruit, we’re essentially claiming that we’re all knowing and powerful and can make things happen in our own strength.

God is a strategic partner that we can’t afford to avoid before embarking on our day. He looks forward to strategically and supernaturally ordering our steps and opening doors for us that no man can shut. He also looks forward to connecting us with people who have the influence to put us at the front of the line in order to accomplish what He has placed on our agenda.


Lord, I recognize that there is too much at stake in my life to not carve out time to spend with You before I embark on my day. I surrender my agenda at the foot of the cross and welcome You to shift and remove things that are not in alignment with what you’ve assigned to me this day. Thank You for favor and all the right connections and open doors to accomplish Your will. Thank You also for the strength to still feel invigorated once all the tasks are complete at the end of the day.

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