Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34

Wouldn’t you just like to take the day off from the mundane tasks of today? Breaks are always nice but it’s important to count the cost. Once we count the cost, the question really should be, do we still find the breaks so nice? I have learned that when I start to worry about tomorrow, it’s usually due to a self inflicted shortcoming on my part. The Words spoken in Matthew 6:34 hit the nail on the head as it says “each day has enough trouble of its own”. I have a choice to make in order to have a proactive difference on tomorrow; if I will simply take care of all that is required of me within the boundaries of today. Consistently and persistently working on things today not only keeps me from stressing out over tomorrow, but also keeps me from having regrets over yesterday.

Many times I merely want a break from the normal routine. This concept proves to be beneficial on occasion, but not so beneficial when I make this an ongoing way of life. If I give in to taking breaks too often, it becomes not so wise of a decision. Personally I find it more beneficial to do a little each day so that I don’t cause myself unnecessary overwhelming feelings tomorrow? In that way when unexpected distractions in life pop up and the law of averages say they will, I am not thrown totally off course. If there is a back load of things left undone, it’s hard to see clearly when something out of the ordinary is thrown into the mix.

If you find yourself stressed out in the midst of today, whereas you allowed many of your yesterdays to encroach across the boundary lines of today, it’s important to take care of first things first. Start off by sifting through your to do list and take care of only what’s required to make today a success. Once you are done taking care of today, ask God for extra strength, even if it is just enough strength to do one extra thing. Before you know it you will be back on track and enjoying more stress free todays.


Lord, give me the strength to do whatever is required of me today. Help me not to encroach across the property lines of today by dumping what should be done today into tomorrow in order to avoid creating the vicious cycle brought on by procrastination.

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